Child Protection

If your child has been taken into protective custody by the State, you will need an experienced attorney to work with you and assist you in meeting the requirements of the case plan to ensure reunification with your child.  You may also be a relative of a child that has been taken into protective services.  If so, we can assist you in gaining custody of the child so that they may live in a safe and healthy environment.

​Orders for Protection

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, you may need to obtain an Order for Protection or a Harassment Order.  Wassenberg Law Group is skilled in working with victims and their advocates to tell their story to the Court so that a protective order may be issued.

Child Custody

If you are a parent looking to enhance your relationship with your child, we can help you to protect your rights as a parent.  Wassenberg Law Group is well-versed on the complexities and uniqueness of each parent-child relationship.  We will advocate for your rights to custody and parenting time.


If you have decided that it is time to end your marriage, we can assist you in making sure that you are starting the next phase of your life in the most positive way possible.  Regardless of the duration of your marriage or how many children you may have, we will assist in protecting what is most important to you.

Practice Areas

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